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 About Ketsch and living here

 The community of Ketsch has got a very good infrastructure. Kindergartens and schools, swimming pools and a lake for swimming, library and youth center and many more public amenities which offer a good basis for further development, support, leisure activities and recreation. The town hall can be seen as the community ́s heart, where it all comes together: information and contacts for quite a number of requests.

Ketsch is situated in the northwest of the county of Baden-Württemberg with the nature reserve „Ketscher Rheininsel“ (an island in the middle of the River Rhine / Rhein) very close by.

Information about Ketsch and it’s surroundings are available on externer Link / external link

Die Gemeinde Ketsch verfügt über eine sehr gute Infrastruktur. Kindergärten und Schulen, Schwimmbäder und Badestrand, Bücherei, Jugendtreff und viele weitere öffentliche Einrichtungen bieten wichtige Grundlagen für Weiterentwicklung ebenso wie für Unterstützung, Freizeitgestaltung und Erholung. Das Herz der Gemeinde schlägt im Rathaus. Hier laufen alle Fäden zusammen, hier gibt es Informationen und Ansprechpartner für zahlreiche Belange.
Ketsch liegt im Nordwesten des Bundeslandes Baden-Württemberg, direkt an Ketsch heran reicht das Naturschutzgebiet Ketscher Rheininsel.

Informationen rund um Ketsch gibt es unter externer Link / external link

Public Amenities in Ketsch

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Important general information

Emergency numbers

Jobcenter und informations about how to find a job

externer Link / external link Help in case of illness and accidents

externer Link / external link Refugees guide of the German Television ARD

externer Link / external link News for refugees from the radio station SWR International

externer Link / external link Information about family reunion

Programme and activities of the Flüchtlingshilfe Ketsch

 Project cinema

SUN DAY MOVIES at the Central CINEMA Ketsch
Living integration while watching a movie and drinking a Sunday morning coffee.

Sun Day Movies Team invites every first Sunday of each month to watch a movie together and to be part of in intercultural exchange. It’s also a possibility to get in touch with each other during coffee and cake time.

Everybody interested is cordially invited. Admission is free.

The project:
The Sun Day Movies Team consists of several members of the cinema association and the refugee assistance team. The entire team works voluntarily and the project gets supported by the town council and the cinema association Ketsch. Main focus is to create a place of shared enjoyment with a welcoming “coffee and cake time”. Everybody has the chance to have a conversation with each other in a casual and cozy atmosphere. It’s also a place for associations, social groups and industrialists to introduce themselves and their work with refugees.

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The Chess Club Ketsch is a chess club which was founded in 1922 and whose members successfully participated in many tournaments all over Baden-Württemberg since then.
It is a lively club which offers many possibilities to spend one’s spare time. It has kind members who are open to welcome all people who are interested in chess.

Refugees are invited to join the club members and play chess in a relaxed atmosphere. There is also the possibility to learn chess from scratch or to take part in various chess tournaments.
The club members meet every Friday at 8pm in the Ferdinand-Schmid-Haus (Goethestr. 22, first floor) for playing chess. Refugees are welcome to join them. This offer is both for grown-ups and childs.